Update to the Dusty game


An early blender model of the hover sailing ship.

This project still doesn’t have an official title. It started, mostly a sandbox for me to experiment with Rust/pubG game elements, but as I played around with this idea came to me: The concept is a super-flat world where the procedurally generated elements will float above the surface. These floating mountains would be a refuge for farmers and/or criminals. WHO: You play a person from the lowest cast of society “scav” short for a scavenger, these are a group of people wander the surface looking for anything of value. WHERE: This is an alien planet that humans have sucked dry of all ‘harvestable’ recourses. WHY: Your character has been given a chance to enter a competition, one that evolved out of desperation. It’s solo Iditarod style race that starts and ends at two extreme distances. Along the way, there will be O2 and Water harvesters (you’ll need to find in order to survive) as well as checkpoint base stations.