GlobalGameJam 2016

With only three days (BABYSTEPS) I was able to do a lot from scratch. This prototype is essentially a TowerDefence economy game in a cave but now, you set fake bounties to lure in hapless adventurers and slaughter them with traps placed in a Construction mode then set off in game by tapping them at precise times to kill heroes.

The story behind it was a D&D game some friends and I played many years ago; at the end of one game a Kobold archer very near death, escaped our clutches and was inevitably going to inform his army of our location(or so we convinced ourselves). After the game our DM informed us that he was just a helpless conscript who ran for his life with 1hp(maybe 1/2hp) to spare. We felt terrible about our plans to hunt down and slaughter that poor kid.  Later I gave that kid a name ‘Gary the Kobold’. And this game is his story of revenge: Having narrowly survived the clutches of a band of blood lusting adventurers Gary goes full Rolling Thunder, he replaces is missing hand with a hook, covers his missing eye with a black leather eye patch. Buys a book on Advanced trap design and then posts a fake “Adventurers Wanted” poster on a wall outside the local tavern.

screenshot1You can plainly see I wasn’t able to get all of the assets made in time but, I got the bounty system working and I was able to program:


  • Players have Gold inventory, bounty can be raised or lowered and get removed from total Gold.
  • Remaining gold Value carries over into next scene.
  • Construction mode where you spend remaining Gold to place traps.
  • Hero AI to move around the room semi-randomly until they find the Treasure Chest.
  • Hero’s collide with the Treasure and ‘steal’ from you until its empty aka Players Remaining GOLD, then escape.
  • Hero escaping pass near to traps, the Player TAPS activating a trap and the Hero dies.

screenshot3 screenshot2