Ludum Dare 41 Jam come and gone!

Hey all,

Sorry for the late update but, I’ve been busy plugging away on a mobile game that I hope to share with you all very soon. In the mean time I did want to mention that I participated in yet another GameJam this time it was LudumDare41! This years theme was Combine to Incompatible Genres, I chose MMORPG’s and OneButtonGames. The result was 1-BUTTON-MMO, shocking title I know.

Here’s my submission:


What is AARU? well its Arduino, Android, Raspberry Pi and Unity working together for a secret project. That’s all I can say for the time being.







Holiday Exercise.

Happy holidays everyone,

Over the holiday weekend I decided to take a break from Caddy Whackers and jam it up with a little exercise project. It doesn’t have a name (any suggestions?) and it’s pretty rudimentary but none the less fun on pc and android. I used a plugin called LeanTouch+ to handle the android controls. Other than that this was all created over two weekends whenever I had time. (99% of these graphics are place holder). Enjoy.


Weekend Project: Kenney Jam 2017

I decided to do a jam this weekend, hosted by the theme this time is “It’s a feature, not a bug!”.

What’s a game jam? It’s a competition (but not really competitive) to create a game with certain parameters within a specified timeframe. The rules of this comp. are simple; use any/all assets to create our game. Sound and fonts we can bring but all sprites and UI must come from them.

I started playing around with the assets this morning and spent most of today just thinking of random possible scenarios.

(See you in 48 hours)